The day has finally come and PAILab is kicking off its activities on Friday 30th April, h. 14.30. With a rich agenda of speakers and participants. Looking forward to see you all there!

14.00 Opening address (Vincenzo Ambriola (Director DI), Roberto Scopigno (Director ISTI))

14.10 Introduction to the lab and its activity within the context of the PNR, Horizon Europe and EU digital decade (Davide Bacciu (DI), Patrizio Dazzi (ISTI))

14.30 Short presentation of research projects and groups affiliated to the PAILab

15.30 Mini-workshop: brief research seminars on topics of interest for the lab. Speakers: Franco Maria Nardini, ISTI; Fabrizio Falchi, ISTI; Claudio Gallicchio, DI; Vincenzo Lomonaco, DI; Mirco Nanni, ISTI;  Pietro CassarĂ , ISTI; Jacopo Soldani, DI

16.30 Short term plans (workshops, webinars, meetings, projects) and open discussion

17.30 Closing