A select of relevant research projects developed by the laboratory.

Active projects

H2020 ACCORDION (2020-2022)

Coordinator International

H2020 PLANET4 (2020-2023)

Coordinator International

H2020 TEACHING (2020-2022)

Coordinator International

H2020 CHARITY (2021-2023)


H2020 TAILOR (2022-2023)

Participant International

BIOBEATS (2019-2021)

Coordinator Industrial

ML for stress prediction

Intel COVID-19 Grant (2020-2022)

Coordinator Industrial

Past projects

EUK H2020 BASMATI (2016-2018)

Scientific Coordinator International

MIUR-SIR LISTIT (2015-2019)

Coordinator National

High tech House Garden – HT-HG (2017-2019)

Participant POR-FESR Regione Toscana